When you travel for an evening out on the town or a trip to a holiday destination, the experience is a lot more fun if you are traveling with family or friends. If one of the group has to be a driver, that individual can’t participate as fully in the enjoyment of the evening or the outing, since they need to concentrate on the address and the traffic. The solution is to arrange for a limo hire Middlesex chauffeur and vehicle. Every one of the passengers will then have as much fun interacting with the group and expanding the enjoyment of the travel.

Limo hire Middlesex

What to See In Middlesex

Because Middlesex County is considered to be part of Greater London, the activities of London are open to those who want to travel the short distance into the City of London. Traveling with a group of two or more is much more fun than trying to navigate the streets of London via auto or bus alone. Conversely, you can use a limo hire in order to visit the major tourist attractions in Middlesex. Here are a few suggestions for a group of friends or a family group to enjoy.

Your driver will collect the members of the group and transport them to destinations such as the Battle of Britain Bunker in Uxbridge. The military or war museum contains exhibits to interest fans of military history. The surrounding grounds are beautifully kept. Your group will have fun during the travel to the destination as well as while checking out the exhibits and displays there. It would be easy to wander around the displays for an afternoon or longer. You know the chauffeur and the limo will be there waiting for you when you are ready to call it a day.

Playing Games

Take a group to one of the fun locations such as Bubble Boys. Participants play football in bubbles. No one gets hurt and it is great fun for a group. You can get as hot and sweaty playing as you like and then pile into the limo to be transported comfortably down the road to the next point of interest. The driver manages the logistics of the trip. He or she handles all the traffic flow issues and where to find a parking place if one is needed.

Other Group Activities

A group of friends might elect to enjoy a night visiting various restaurants, pubs, bars and nightclubs. Having a chauffeur ensures that no one is driving under the influence of a drink or too more than is legal. With a chauffeured limo, all the members of the group can participate in the fun, food and beverages. Whether you want to try out a new ethnic restaurant, have a few drinks with dinner, or spend some time on the dance floor with live music choices, our drivers make the process easier.


Traveling with several friends in a limo means everyone has room to spread out a little. There is plenty of foot room. The seats are clean and comfortable and the arrangement of the interior is perfect for fostering conversation or just planning the next stop on the itinerary. Perhaps you would rather listen to music or work on a joint project.

What to Look For in a Hire Service

Choosing a company to provide a chauffeur and limousine for your group outing should take into consideration the condition of the equipment. It should be clean and well-maintained, preferably of a recent model. The obvious wear and tear should be minimal. The driver should be neatly attired and have a demeanor that demonstrates his or her willingness to provide reliable service. Courtesy, timeliness and a professional attitude will show a company that values its reputation for service.